The eponymous label

After the bath, the softness of the terry cloth

Back to basics...

Inspired by the thermal baths of caracalla

Launched in 2016, the eponymous brand by designer Serge Guilloux goes back to basics.

He thinks of a soft idea, warm, comfort, cocoon...
He loves terry cloth in memory of his first homewear store in Paris, rue de Longchamp: Caracalla. A baptismal name in reference to the luxurious Roman baths evoking marbles, colonnades and mosaics.

The brand's emblem, reworked in an art deco style, represents a fish man, between aquatic divinity and inspired human figure.
mythological frescoes of this ancient place.


In 1976, in his concept store Caracalla, Serge Guilloux
knew how to create a true art of living at home where his silk pajamas and “Grand Hôtel” bathrobes echo Art Deco bathroom accessories. Much appreciated, his interior creations go beyond the intimate sphere of the house to be worn in the city of Paris as far as Cannes and Saint-Tropez (French Riviera), day and night, by the biggest stars of show biz. like Eddie Barclay, Michel Morgan or even Christophe...

Terry cloth, an art of living

Today, Serge Guilloux is revisiting and reviving this terry fabric that he has used so much to adapt it to the world of ready-to-wear in a new line of after-bath well-being. Its complete collections and
completed terry clothes are halfway between resortwear, beachwear and homewear.

He imagines tops, shorts, pants, tunics and other little dresses with clean lines in a sporty chic style. A wardrobe that relies on the harmony of a garment that is as well suited for indoors, by the comfort and softness of its material, as for the outdoors, by the elegance and simplicity of its line.

He likes to mix his terrycloth pieces with other more elegant or more relaxed ones. The terry cloth goes with all styles and looks.

Outfits between town and seaside where the terrycloth is worked in soft and comfortable cuts, in a casual and elegant style, which invites you to idleness and well-being to wear outside as inside in all circumstances.


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